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Zinc borate flame retardant, in epoxy resin and smoke suppression function isassociated with the type of halogen flame retardants used in Dechlorane plus 25,Epon 828 flame retardant epoxy resin, flame retardant synergistic effect of zinc borateis better than the coat of antimony, and when the quality of the two zinc borate and antimony oxide mixture ratio 1:1, zinc borate and antimony oxide has a synergistic effect between for example, 100 resin is higher than that of antimony oxide 5 zinc borate or 5 copies of the 2.5 parts of zinc borate ten 2.5 antimony oxide flame retardant effect. In these three cases. The oxygen index of flame retardant epoxy resin were 31,28 and 29

In ten the olfactory two diphenyl ether flame retardant epoxy resin Epon`k "828,synergistic effect is better than that of zinc borate antimony oxide. However, zinc borate and antimony oxide is still have synergistic effect. With 20 copies of ten sea twodiphenyl ether and 3 zinc borate fire retardant 100 Epon "828 (with 13 parts of Sanyafour ethyl amine curing), oxygen index can reach 28.3, flame retardant grade up to UL94V-1. Such as 3 or 3 zinc borate, antimony oxide and antimony oxide 1:1 mixtureinstead of 3 portions of zinc borate. Resin oxygen index were 29.9 and 30.8. flame retardant level was U1.94 V-0. Flame retardant resin without oxygen index is 25.9, the epoxy resin two single zinc borate flame retardant level for UL94V-2o to the four waveof bisphenol A as the reactive flame retardant had little effect on the oxygen index and 1.94 flame retardant level; but if the Commission acid zinc and three oxidation two antimony antimony and oxidation of two or five. Can produce a certain degree of synergy.

In epoxy resin with Hite acid and six hydrogen phthalate acid mixture cured in twodrunk. 3 antimony oxide adding 100 phr resin. The resin oxygen index reached 29.5,the flame retardant level up to UL94V-0. Such as zinc borate replace part of antimony oxide flame retardant, in total amount of lower reaches the same level of flame retardant.

For some epoxy resin, zinc borate can effectively damps the smoke, the smoke suppression efficiency with the use of halogenated flame retardants were related to the type of. On the Uechlorane Plus 25 Epon k828 flame retardant resin.100 resin with5 copies of zinc borate synergic ratio using 5 phr antimony oxide can reduce thesmoke level of 40 Yo (NITS smoke box test). But zinc borate on epoxy resin ten o twodiphenyl ether flame retardant and smoke suppression effect of No.

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