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    Active、minute aluminum hydroxide is a type of filling flame retardant with the chemical formula AL(OH)3.It is applicable to flame retardant field of rubber and plastic products,such as mining conveyor belt ,Mining air duct cated cloth,Hose,Slab,Carpet,Rubbe liner,PVC cable material,Wire and cable sheath,Leather,Fireproof board,Unsaturated resin,Building materials,Damping aste,Damping plate,Electron,etc. This product can take some features like flame retardant .smoke suppressant ,antistatic, and has advatages of low cost and higherformance. It is an inorganic compound ,non-toxic and will not produce secondary pollution. 

Product specification:FR-3815  FR-3806  FR-3803  FR-3802 
Main technical indexes
Grade AL2 (OH)3(%)
Loss on lgnition(%) Particle size(D50)μm  Water(%)
FR-3815 63.5/64 34.5±0.5 12.0~14.0 0.15  90/95 
FR-3808 63.5/64 34.5±0.5 10.0 0.25  90/95 
FR-3806 64 34.5±0.5 6.0~8.5 0.30 95 
FR-3803  63.5/64 34.5±0.5 3.0~4.5 0.6/0.5 93/95 
FR-3802  64 34.5±0.5 1.3~1.8 0.30 93
FR-3801 64 34.5±0.5 1.0 0.19 98.5
1、The product specification can depend on cusiomers demands.
2、Partical size is subject to our Laser Particle Size Analyzer’s detection.
3、The concrete index of product is subject to our real-time test.
4、We depend on the customer’s demands to confirm the specific volume of addition.
Price : interview
Package: lining with polythene plastic bags and outlining with coated bags.
Net weight: 25kg/bag、40kg/bag。
1、Moisture proof,breakage proof,hook proof;
2、Store in the dry and ventilated warehouse;
3、In case of contact with eyes, please washed with fresh water. Please take medical treatment if very serious .
Product Application

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