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    The experts and professors from our company technology R$D center have developed specialized halogen-free and environmental-friendly flame retardant by more than one year , which is used in asphalt concrete of highway and tunnel and come into the industrion stage. It has many advantages, such as flame retardant, smoke suppressant , non-toxic, cold and heat endurable, hardly precipitate, easily dispersed and good thermal stability. All the technical indicators of product suit test requirement. The products have been well received by customers since they launch into the market.

(Main technical indexes)
Active ingredient:≥94%/98%) Size: 5μm、15μm     Appearance: White 
      RnOm: ≤2% Hydrochloric acid insoluble matter: ≤2.8% Water(105℃):≤01%
Suggested use

1、 Asphalt flame retardant dosage recommended for asphalt content based on 5%~20%(On the basis of asphalt ,technology can timely adjust).
2、 Asphalt flame retardant can be directly added to the hot melt asphalt, ensure uniform mixing, and then into the band mixing storage irrigation in.
3、 Asphalt flame retardant can also direct entry into the mixing fumace (tank) and stone and other building materials mixed evenly (recommended).
Price :interview
Package:lining with polythene plastic bags and outlining with coated bags.
Net weight: 25kg/bag、40kg/bag。

1、Moisture proof,breakage proof,hook proof;
2、Store in the dry and ventilated warehouse;
3、In case of contact with eyes, please washed with fresh water. Please take medical treatment if very serious .

Product Application

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