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Hefei zhongke new flame retardant materials co., LTD., research and development center was established in 2010, the center has TG/DTA thermo-gravimetric analyzer, laser particle size analyzer, DH - 300 hydrometer, automatic whiteness meter, ZDJ WBD - 2-4 a automatic potentiometric titrator, PB - 10 standard of precision testing instruments, such as pH meter, the company long-term close cooperation with universities and other scientific research institutions, our center has used to design product development using the twin screw extruder, high-speed mixer, injection molding machine, double roller mixing mill, high power microscope and testing products combustion performance with oxygen index tester, vertical combustion, smoke density meter, and cone calorimeter is suitable for the determination of electrical and electronic products, household electrical appliances and materials on fire danger test and combustion performance test of the glow wire tester and its resistance to tracking experiment was carried out with the tracking test instrument, such as detection covering organic, inorganic, chemical products and fire retardant products.

The center to provide round-the-clock technical support services, the customers in the product use process, if you have any technical consultation, can contact me as follows center:

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